So I wanted to give everyone some background on who I am and what I intend to do. My name is Katelyn Bako (hence the name) and I'm a baker, pastry chef, cake decorator, and sweet enthusiast. I have been baking my whole life and am very fortunate to have known I wanted to own a bakery since a young age. Some of my fondest memories are making blueberry muffins with my mom or Halloween cookies with my grandma. I love the joy baked goods bring to others. I decided that culinary school and business school were not the route for me and that I wanted hands on real life experience so for the past four years I have worked in the food industry learning as much as humanly possible. This past summer I decided I wanted to pursue an education in cake decorating specifically. I found Fair Cake and was sold. So I got on a plane and went to London to take my first ever cake decorating class. I was instantly hooked. A few months later I decided to finish my education at Fair Cake and well, I did just that. Shikita, the owner of Fair Cake, is an incredible business woman, mom, wife, and modern day Martha Stewart. She taught me everything I know about cakes, a lot about how to run a business, food photography, and so much more. She is tremendously inspiring because on top of her mom, wife, and Fair Cake duties she is starting HER SECOND business. It was an honor to learn from her and her institution she worked so diligently for. Then I traveled because I was already in Europe and thought it would be a great way to experience other cultures and ways of life. In my travels I took bread making classes at Bread Ahead Bakery and School, and French pastry classes at La Cuisine de Paris. Now that I am home I feel ready and excited to officially begin the entrepreneur aspect of the baking world, and I am so happy to have all of your support even in these beginning stages. Welcome to The Bakoery, what can I bake for you?